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It's a Dog's Life

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I am a highly sexed, divorced mother in my early forties. My lover, who is currently living with me, is several years older, put still very much a man, and is probably the world's most considerate lover. We have practiced oral, anal and conventional sex for the past six years. We've always shared our sexual fantasies, and a recurring one was for me to have sex with our dog, Duke. He is a beautiful animal; a huge St. Bernard, who must weigh 170 or 180 pounds.

One day, Brent and I decided to act out our favorite fantasy, but were un-certain just how to begin. First, we exposed my genitals to Duke. He promptly started licking them, which excited me tremendously, but did not continue for a long enough period to bring me to orgasm.

We enticed him with several deferent substances (sugar, honey, milk ) applied to my vagina, but the one he preferred was a mixture of milk and cream. We put this mixture in a plastic sqeeze-bottle, and by trickling a small stream on my vaginal lips and clitoris, Duke's tongue continued almost endlessly. This brought me to one orgasm after another with both Brent and me petting and praising him for bringing me such pleasure.

After a few such sessions, Brent and I wondered if I could actually have inter-course with Duke. We had noticed, while he licked me, that as Duke became sexually excited, his penis would become partially exposed and the knot at the base of it would grow larger.

The Birth of Teen Dog Slut

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Elsa was tired - it had been another long day at the kennels and she was not used to being on her feet all day. That wasn't to say she didn't enjoy the work, but she was so used to sitting down most of the time at college that this Saturday job, looking after the dogs all day, was really tiring. There was only one other assistant, a dreamy guy called Matt Briggs who was also in her class at college whom she really fancied. There was no way he fancied her though - Elsa considered herself plain and fat with greasy hair. This was not just her opinion, she was ostracised by the other girls in her class and she had read the graffiti in the girls' loo that read "Elsa Lanchester - SQUEAL, SQUEAL, SQUEAL" with a crude drawing of a pig next to it. Elsa knew she had little chance of getting a boyfriend, let alone a boy like Matt. She would dream though, her vivid dreams had Matt sweep her off her feet and shower her face with manly kisses - he would be desperately in love with her and unable to resist her charms. Then her fantasy would become more sexual, though not detailed. Matt would take her to a beautiful room somewhere and undress her, then, after lots more kissing, would put his cock inside her and make love to her. Elsa was a bit vague on what an erect cock looked like, she had only seen crude drawings of them on the back of bus seats, and of course she had seen her dad's flaccid cock when she was younger, but it seemed more like a plump white sausage.

Cindy's Best Friend

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Cindy lived in the downstairs apartment one door over from me. She was an extremely attractive looking girl. She was about 5' 7" tall, very thin with long slender legs. She had black hair down to her shoulders. I loved the way it flowed across her face accenting those deep mysterious eyes. Cindy always wore a dress, skirt or suit. I never saw her in jeans or shorts. Whenever she took her dog for a walk I would always take the time to watch her. On some occasions I would deliberately walk outside just to get a closer look. I would say "Hi" to her, but most times would barely get a response. Even after months of passing her by and saying "Hello", only sometimes would she comment back.

I finally gave up trying to meet her. She obviously was too stuck up or felt she was too prim and proper for someone like me. From then on every time I saw her I used to think that what she needed was someone to give her a good fuck. Maybe that would knock her down a few pegs. I never saw her with any guys. Maybe she was a lesbian. What a waste of a nice piece of ass that would be.

I found out that she not only worked a full time job but was also attended the local community college in the evenings. Maybe with her busy schedule she was just to tired to stop and chat with anyone or maybe she didn't want to start any relationship with anyone. Anyway, I was still dying to meet her.

One evening about 10 pm I decided to take a walk around the complex as I normally do every night. On the way back I usually stroll around the back of the buildings. I noticed some movement inside one of the apartments through the bedroom window. As I glanced over I realized it was Cindy's apartment, so I went closer to see what was going on. Carefully I walked near the window and peeked in. I couldn't believe my eyes what I saw. Cindy was sitting on the bed with her dog and she was fondling its' groin area. I could see the dog's cock start to appear as she rubbed her pet's genitals. My heart was pounding like crazy. This bitch wouldn't give me the time of day, but she would play around with a dog. I just stared in amazement watching this beautiful young thing jerking off her dog.

Dreaming of Maria

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I ring at your door, feeling nervously. How will you react, when I'm so suddenly at your place? Me, the chat partner you are expecting to be thousands of miles away? We know each other in this virtual world for a couple of months now, chatting for hours sometimes, every chat leaving me hot and wet, forcing me to go to my bed and masturbate until I finally fall exhausted to sleep having wild erotic dreams of things my mother not even dares to imagine. And now I'm here at your door, my heart beating in my throat, wishing I didn't make a mistake when I decided to visit you. I hear your steps approach the door, then it opens and I look at you.

"Yes?" You look questioningly at me, no, you don't recognize me from the one picture I sent you months ago. I feel tears in my eyes as you look at me as a stranger, my hands tremble and the note I wrote to introduce myself slips from my fingers and falls on the floor. But then your mouth opens surprised, you whisper my name and I'm finally in your arms crying and trembling, my tears falling on your blouse, wetting your shoulder. God, I'm so incredibly relieved as I feel that I'm welcome!

Hours later we are still in your living room, sitting side by side, me leaning against you, answering your questions by writing notes as fast as I can. Long ago we changed our drinks from coffee to wine and I feel so relaxed so at ease.I feel your hands touch me as you talk, holding me, caressing me until I can't stand it any more and I turn my head to offer you my open lips for a kiss. Your kiss feels so soft, so tender, yet so arousing, it brings me immediately to the same state of sexual arousal I always felt when we chatted on the internet. Our tongues dance around each other, our breath quickens as our hands start to explore warm bodies, to caress soft skin, removing cloths, finding hard, sensitive nipples.

Lucy Learns a Lot

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Lucy arrived a little late for her babysitting job. It was her first time sitting for Elaine who didn't seem all that much older than Lucy was herself. Elaine was beautifully suntanned, had a lovely figure and, when Lucy looked at her it made Lucy feel strangely excited. When she arrived, Elaine was rushing around making last minute arrangements.

'Nicky's in bed upstairs fast asleep - I don't think she'll be any trouble. There's food and coke in the fridge - you could watch the television, or read those magazines over there. Just make yourself at home. Big Boy is in my bedroom there. He'll look after you...' She smiled in a strange way. 'If you like dogs, you can let him in here with you - but don't let him misbehave...'

Again she looked at the girl with a strange look in her eye. 'Unless you want him to, of course,' she added with a smile. 'It's up to you, my sweet. How old are you, by the way?'


'You look a bit pale. Are you feeling all right?'

'I've just had my first...you know.'

'Oh, so you're a woman now, are you? Still, I don't know, I mean about Big Boy.... Hell, why not, if you want to? ' She laughed. 'You are pretty, aren't you?' She threw her arms around Lucy embracing her tightly. Her mother never embraced her like this. Lucy could feel Elaine's soft breasts pressing against her, her lower stomach pushed hard against hers. She didn't want Elaine to let go of her. She looked up at her. Elaine was looking down at her fondly. She wanted Elaine to kiss her. She thought she was going to, then Elaine broke away and disappeared out of the door.