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A Dog Day Afternoon

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Sandy was the supreme bitch. She ran her household with an iron fist, and her husband's sex life with an iron snatch. Little did she know that she would soon be treated like the bitch she was.

Sandy was 34 years old, and came from the most strict bible belt upbringing. A virgin till the day she married, she might as well still be, as far as her husband Tom was conserned. When Tom and her got married, she immediately took over all financial, social, and sexual activities, leaving Tom a quivering mass of formal manhood. "Yes dear. No dear. You're right dear." He was basically just a servant who left to work, came home to do his wife's bidding, and whack off in the bathroom.

When they got married, all sex was immediately controlled by Sandy. Because of her strict upbringing, she only believed in having sex for children. Anything else was a sin. Period. Consequently they had two children, a boy, 13, and a girl, 11.

It was a shame too. She was a beautiful creature on the outside. Standing 5'4" tall with long curly dark blond hair, dark green eyes, and the most luscious lips. Her figure was beautiful, apparently unaffected by her motherhood, being 38D-23-37. Her body was made for loving. Her mind on the other hand was made for...being a bitch. She would fit in well as a cross between Saddam Hussein and your average Southern Bible belt Preacher. If something didn't meet the "pure" standards in which she was raised, it was wrong and a sin.

Angel's First

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Angel could not believe what she was seeing on her computer screen! The guy she was having an IM with was actually telling her to screw a dog, her dog! An honest to god four legged dog! She shook her head in disgust, her black lab-rottie mutt named Kong that had been humping her leg or trying to all that day, but still.

So she typed in a search at a popular search site and this had come up. Who in their right minds names a school about something that was disgusting? Almost as if on cue, Kong started scratching at the basement door again and whining. "Shut up Kong" she called out and the scratching at least stopped. The whining was starting to get on her nerves though.

Still there the words dinged at her.

"Yes but I think that is just wrong making an animal do that," she typed back. Looking at the other IM windows she had open she said, "bye," and closed them all guiltily.

You asked if it was possible, so what made that thought cross your mind.

"My two boyfriends are lame, and I need it, but do not want a baby."

Just two? So you're a virgin and a young one at that.

"No I am not a virgin, just wanna have sex without getting preggers."

And you said you have a nice male dog that is in heat.

"Yes his name is Kong." What if someone from school catches us, oh my god I would die from embarrassment!

Is there anyone there now? The words dinged at her. Angel stood and looked around, again feeling guilt for some reason. Even though she knew her mom and sisters were gone for at least two more hours at her sister Jesse's state speech contest.

A Big Change

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Earl and I were married soon after we had graduated from High School and both had good jobs with a large company. The good jobs were because our fathers both worked in the main office.

Our parent's both helped us with a down payment on a house and we had worked all the over time we could. Paying our house off in 22 years, and we celebrated by buying a new computer that we did not know how to run, but had friends who came over and taught us how to get about on the internet.

Bill was much better on the computer than I so I sat beside him and tried to learn from him. One evening Jim was surfing the internet and got into some sexual thing. We both were astonished to see such things, but we were interested as we both had a high sexual drive.

Jim looked at me and saw that I was red in the face and was fidgeting in my chair and asked, "are you getting horny?" I said, "well just a little bit, but keep on looking." It wasn't long until Jim ran into a program of Beast Dating and then started to get into the ads that we read together.

I was getting hornier by the minute and I had never even thought that a woman could have sex with a dog. Jim asked if he should shut it down and we could go to bed. I told him, No to keep on looking...Jim finally found a free movie clip and down loaded it and then I saw the possibilities of how a dog could give pleasure to a woman.

Just Grin and Bear It

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I bought myself a computer earlier this year, and it wasn't long before I found my way into all the porn sites I could handle. One day I was visiting a site that had free links to anything and everything that had to do with sex. As I scrolled down, I noticed a link called "dogsex," intrigued I had to check it out. That's when I saw my first beastiality picture, it was a really sexy woman getting fucked from behind by a big dog. I can't remember ever being so instantly arowsed. After that I was hooked, I sought out every kind of beast site I could find. I saw lots of twisted stuff, with chickens and snakes and shit like that, which never appealled to me. But there was something about sex with a dog that I just couldn't shake.

Skip ahead about a month or two later, I was watching a shemale porno that I rented. As the images of a guy getting banged up the ass by this really hot chick flashed across the screen I found myself getting really horny. I pulled my stiff, 8" cock out of my pants and began to stroke it. I realized that I wanted to feel what the guy in the movie was feeling, because my ass felt really empty. I could go a grab a dlildo and have at it, but I really wanted to get fucked by someone. And then I heard a scratch at the door...

My dog, Bear wanted to come in. Ideas began flashing into my head, and I quickly went to the door to let him in. Bear went directly to his food bowl and I headed to the bathroom for some lube. I stuck a big glob of vaseline up my ass, pushing my fingers through my hole in an attempt to loosen myself up. Satisfied that I was ready, I called Bear into the bedroom.

Monkeying Around

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Karen Lewis was a milf. She was 5'8", thin, with a sleek body and fair-skinned. A few things stood out about her. She had beautiful 38D breasts that even her 16 year-old son Brian couldn't help staring at. Karen also had brilliant red hair which were contrasted by her mesmerizing emerald-green eyes. Her pearly-white smile was what you would call contagious. She was beautiful -- many compared her to Marcia Cross and Nicole Kidman. But this woman was not a Hollywood star. No, she was a mother of two; a wife; a dental hygienist from Neptune, New Jersey.

Her two children were her 16 year-old son Brian and her 13 year-old daughter Kaitlyn. Karen, herself, was 41. Her husband, Derrick, was 5 years older at 46 and was a car salesman.

Despite how normal her life seemed. And despite how strikingly beautiful she was. And despite how happy everyone thought she was. She was frustrated. The facts of the matter were -- she hadn't had sex in over 3 years. A few years ago, Derrick had just lost interest in sex, and Karen had to live with it. No matter how hard Karen tried to seduce her husband, no matter how sexy she dressed, now matter how kinky she got, Derrick's libido could not be awoken.

Karen could have easily gone out on any given night and gotten laid. But she was married. She couldn't cheat on her husband, regardless of how horny she would get.

But no matter how faithful she was to her husband, there were always going to be people that wanted her. And some of them had plans to have her.