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Night Nurse Makes Her Rounds

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The doctor left at four, but the clinic did not officially close until five. Becca was instructed to lock up at that time, but leave the lights on and answer the phones until 6 p.m.

The woman knew, even though she turned the latch on the front door that it would be hours yet before it would be safe. Even at that, there were names on the emergency number list that could call at any time and mess things up. That did not happen often enough to keep the veterinary assistant from changing her plans.

There wasn't much in this universe that could do that. Just being alone in the building, knowing what waited, enforced such power over her she could barely stand unaided. Her heart pounded heavily under her breast. Her head seemed to fill with numbing helium, threatening to float from her body if her neck did not hold it firmly attached.

Taking several deep breaths, Becca wondered how she would survive until eight o'clock when the neighborhood quieted to a point when sounds of intrusion could be deciphered over the hubbub of traffic and kids playing outside. By then the phones would have quieted as well. Then Nurse Becca could make her final rounds.

That is what Doctor Barretti liked to call her when patients were around. It was part of his "bedside manner" she guessed.

Just as he considered the human owners as much patients as their pets, often more so. She was no nurse, although she did have a degree in animal husbandry. It didn't help much under Barretti, who used an entirely different vocabulary than the university, but it did land her the job as his assistant. Physician's assistant may have been a more accurate term, but for now she was Nurse Becca. And as such the young woman did have enough to keep her busy for the next few hours.


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Shiloh watched the rain pour down outside her house in the woods making the day dreary and boring. She was getting used to this feeling since her husband was always away doing his truck route across country. The only companion she had was Max her German Shepherd that her husband bought her for protection. Their nearest neighbors were several miles down the road. So Shiloh would spend her days exercising and running with Max to keep in shape.

Thank god they had satellite television otherwise she would have gone crazy. Her husband was gone sometimes upwards of two weeks at a time and this was usually a tough time for her. She loved him and they were good in bed together. So when he was gone her sexual needs were wanting. many times she would masturbate and have strong orgasms. But it wasn't the same as when her husbands cock fucked her deep and hard.

She often would look at her body in the bedrooms full length mirror after a shower and admire her tight slim body. She had deep reddish hair that flowed down beyond her shoulders. Her breasts were pendulous and perky with large areolas and thick long nipples that her husband loved to suck on. Her hands moved down over her flat tummy appreciating the hard work she did in her exercises to get it that way.

Finally she opened her legs a bit looking at her pussy. It was shaved clean the way her husband liked it. Her vaginal lips protruded as did her swollen clit from its hiding place. She turned to look at her ass and smiled. It was what won her husband over. Her ass was tight and round and when she bent over it spread open to reveal all her womanly assets. She looked incredible in a pair of low cut tight jeans.

The New Job

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This is a story of a sexy gorgeous 28-year-old woman named Samantha (Sam). She is tall about 1.8meters, well built and beautiful toned body and is very athletic as she works out everyday. Her skin has a light tan and she has blonde hair styled in a bob, her eyes are deep blue and she has a six-pack that every woman would kill for. Sam lived in a small house that was in a way big enough for her and her two male Dobermans, Rex and Duke and a python named Slick.

One morning, while sipping her coffee and going through the paper looking for a job, Duke sat under the table with his head on the chair between Sam's sexy legs, she wore only a t-shirt and had no underwear on and her pussy was clean shaved. As she leaned forward to grab the pen, her pussy touched Duke's cold nose and he began to lick her sweet pussy. ‘Mmmm, aahh Duuuke you good boy, oooh I missed this,' she moaned while Duke kept on licking her making her pussy wet. Sam then moved back and spread her legs and removed her top giving Duke more space to lick her and make her cum. ‘Uh uh uh uh unnnnn mmmmm yesss aaaaahhh,' she screamed as she reached her first orgasm and then she got up and went to her bed room where Rex was sitting as Duke followed while cum ran down her thighs. Sam then got down on all four's and both her dogs knew what needed to be done, Duke stood behind her licking her butt and pussy and then he placed his front paws on her back and his cock entered her pussy and he began fucking his mistress while Rex sat in front of her that she could get her head between his legs and suck his cock,as Sam wrapped her lips around Rex's cock, he immediately placed his front paws on her back and began to hump his rear slowly into his mistress's mouth.

My Wife And The Brother's Dog

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My wife Cheryl and I had been married for 26 years and our sex life was down to once or twice a month. We had tried various ways to bring more excitement to the bedroom but nothing seemed to work. We brought various sex novels to bed and we liked to read them together. But the only ones that seemed too get her hot were the ones where women had sex with animals.

While we were reading them her pussy would get wet and swollen and she would have me finger her to orgasm. Sometimes she would get excited and have me take her doggy style and pretend I was a big dog. I even borrowed a dog from a friend but she wouldn't even think about messing with it.

But things changed one weekend when we went out to my brother's house for a swim. He has a house on 15 acres and has a pond that covers almost an acre. We had been swimming for about an hour and were lying on the deck on some lounge chairs. My brother has several dogs, but only one of them is not fixed. His name is Duke.

Duke is a large mixed breed dog with a rather large penis. I always carry a small tape measure on my keys, and when he had an erection I checked to see how long and how big around he was. He is a little over 10 inches long and almost 3 inches around. Where his knot is he is over 5 inches around.

We were lying on the deck chairs, and I had been playing with Cheryl's pussy. She was wet and had her eyes closed while I fingered her. All of sudden Duke, who had been sniffing the air near her pussy, came over and without any warning started to lick her pussy. Cheryl had on a one piece suit so he couldn't get to her pussy, but was licking her thighs next to her pussy.

Karen Loses Control

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At work on the following Monday, all Karen could think about was getting her pussy slammed by the second baboon. While cleaning her patients' teeth, she would constantly envision the baboon's cum leaking out of her mouth. Some of the men she worked on were very muscular and attractive to her. She felt her focus slipping often, thinking about how much fun it would be to strap them into the dentist's chair and ride their big dicks to multiple orgasms.

Karen had never acted like this before, but for some reason, she was very sexually aware now. After work, she masturbated the entire drive home, fantasizing about stopping by the Safari and getting fucked over and over.

But when she walked in the door to her home, everything changed when she saw her daughter Caitlin crying.

"What's wrong, honey?" she said with sincerity, walking over to her daughter, her maternal instincts taking over.

"Uh..I...I.." her daughter cried, not able to get the words out.

"Oh, sweetie," Karen said, putting her arms around her daughter. "You can tell me anything. I'm here to listen to your problems."

"I...I can't go to the dance this weekend!" Caitlin burst out.

"Awww, sweetie. Nobody asked you to the dance?"

"No, I have a date," Caitlin said, a little calmer now. "I just can't go."

"Well, that doesn't make any sense," her mother said to her. "Why can't you go?"