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Time To Tell My Story

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Well, its been a long time. I figure its finally time to tell my stories once again. I'm in my twenties, I graduated from college with a degree in veterinary science. I live on a ranch in the foothills above my town and run an animal rescue shelter. It's sad how many animals need homes around here.

My stories began because of the love I have for my animals, and the love they have for me. You might say it's not a traditional owner/pet relationship, but, I'm not their owner, I'm their friend, and they are my friends. Its a very mutual relationship.

I'm a very sexual person. I'm very open to new things and very open about my sexuality, if someone asks. I have sex with animals. I do not force them or take advantage of them, in fact, most of the time it's been the other way around. After the first time I was taken by my dog, Charlie, I experienced shame and guilt, and I was disgusted with myself for actually liking it. But I grew, and I learned that just because its not an act that is accepted by our society today, that is no reason to hate yourself for liking it. Let me tell you a bit about my first time, so maybe you will understand.

I had just moved into the ranch. My dog Charlie was the only animal I owned... the rest of the animals at the ranch were already there since the rescue had been run from this location for some time now.

Charlie is a wonderful dog. Loyal, playful... he'd just turned a year old and he'd sure been a horny little thing. He's a chocolate lab, a BIG chocolate lab, even for a puppy. He'd been humping everything, and I had to constantly tell him no... I felt so bad, I mean I know how it is just needing some release and no one to help you out with it. But he was still an animal. I didn't want to fix him because I needed a good guard dog, a good dominant dog that wasn't afraid of anything, well, anything except me.

She did it Again

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This past weekend saw the realization of two of my fantasies at the same time. Both were with a young lady who calls herself Fonda, and Fonda is a member of a group who affectionately call themselves "animal-lovers". Not the basic Humane Society variety of animal lover, not the devoted owner variety of animal lover, Fonda was truly an animal lover!

We had talked several times about her "adventures" and fantasies, each time getting to know one-another better. Several weeks ago, Fonda admitted to me that she'd been "experimenting" with her dog Lucious, a big Black Labrador Retriever. A very male, big Black Lab.

I learned that she and Lucious had been sharing in some sexual play- times, and that Fonda had even allowed him to mount her the last time, only a couple days ago, but she was leery of letting him really get inside her without someone else around.

Saturday morning brought me to her small cottage on the edge of a rural community about forty miles from where I live. As I arrived, I was greeted by a massive black creature on the cottage's stoop. Barking and growling, he waited until the lady of the house came out and "shushed" him and introduced us. Fonda and I shook hands (it seemed strange in light of some of the phone conversations we'd had) and she invited me in.

The cottage was surprisingly cozy, and her taste in decor was quaint without being too "country." She showed me around which took all of thirty seconds as there was only a single bedroom, a bath, kitchen/dinette, and a large living room/den. There was a distinct open space in the center of the living room, and I mentioned that a coffee table would go nicely there. She giggled and said that she'd moved the coffee table onto the back porch so that we would "have enough room to move around". I think I blushed, and I know I felt really, really dumb.

My Break-in Encounter

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One day while I was driving around looking for a fishing spot when I passed a building with two dogs outside. They were mixed breed mutts and both were male dogs. They must have been a mix of mastiff and Shepard and the smaller one looked more like a Shepard the larger one and I mean larger, looked more mastiff.

Well figuring they belong there I waited till late at night and then came back to the place. I drove the 5 mile drive from my house with a hard-on not knowing what to expect.

I finally arrived and walked around checking all the doors hoping one had been left open. I must have walked around the building and noticed windows in the back. One of the glass pains was cracked. As I started to chip away the window, piece by piece the dogs started barking. I was frightened at first but when I finally had gotten the whole glass pain off I climbed in through the window.

Once inside I noticed the dogs were scared of me at first. Then after some coaxing they came up to me and started sniffing. As soon as they sniffed my crotch area they must have known I was horny. The big mastiff looking dog chased the smaller one away. While he did that I took my panties off and spread some grease on my rectum.

As I was getting ready to get down on my hands and knees to be this dog's "pussy" when he gave my cock a quick lick. I stood there for a few minutes and let him lap away at my stiff dick.

2:00 am

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What follows is a story from Nevyn (me, you fools!) involving sex with animals. If this offends then do not read any further! You only have yourself to blame, you can close your eyes at any stage. I make no excuses or apologies for the following.

-------------------------cut here or forever be damned...---------

Mmm. Listen to the quiet sussuration of rain on the tile roof; a comfortable sound in the warmth of the lounge. The fire has burned down now, only the embers flaring briefly to life when the wind outside causes a draft in the fireplace. Lightning is flickering on the hills to the east; a reminder of the storm that passed over here a few hours ago, and the unpredictable illumination compliments the glow of the fireplace, and the cool light from this laptop computer. The candles that were burning before are just pools of wax now.

I'm feeling very relaxed. The house around me is radiating a beautiful sense of contentment and fulfillment. Upstairs five bodies are weary, and happy, asleep. I'll join them in a moment; 2:00am is a bloody silly time to be typing away at a word-processor. Still, the story won't let me rest until it's on paper, so I'll persevere and write it while the emotions are still real.

Pizza, red wine, good company, and a spa-pool. House rules:- no clothes to be worn in the pool.

Saturday evening, Janene and Darryl came over to watch videos and christen the spa-pool. They were armed with a nice bottle of Cabernet Merlot, and 'Cat People', the video. Nothing can compare to the throaty bass of David Bowie's theme smiting the air through an intimidating sound system. 'Dial-a- Dinos' pizza arrived as scheduled: 7:30pm. The television had been hauled outside with the speakers from the amplifier, and the evening had become dark quickly. We all stripped naked and quickly piled into the spa-pool to avoid the crisp, late winter air.

The Beastmistress

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Part 1

It had been a long weekend for Dee, with her inner fantasies being exposed and her sexuality explored to the limit. She had arrived home tired, drained but utterly fulfilled. Her mind though was buzzing with possibilities and permutations. Had two women and their assortment of animals really taken her to the limits of ecstasy? Had she really been so turned on that reason went out of the window?

These were questions that played on her mind as she eased herself into a warm, relaxing bath. The questions were answered quickly as her hands slid down her body, trying to recreate the feelings of the time she had spent in perverted bliss. Her fingers lingered over her now erect nipples, teasing them into taut cones, which were begging for a mouth to be wrapped around them and teased by a flickering tongue. She sighed at remembered pleasures of her pussy being invaded by both humans and animals, each bringing their own unique pleasures to her pliant body.

She masturbated, slowly at first, dipping her fingers inside her warm cunt whilst stimulating her clitoris with her free hand. The waves of pleasure began to build quickly to a crescendo wracking her body from head to toe in the form of a shattering orgasm. She slumped back into the tub satisfied but empty at the same time, she needed to relive the heights she had felt but was unable to recreate for herself, would her life be the same again? She climbed into bed dreaming of the joy of depravity.