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Dog Lover

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I have been an avid masturbator for years and really enjoy my times alone. That was until I got Butch, my Doberman. He is now included in my every session no matter what it is. I have trained him to mount me and fuck me just as I like, along with eating my pussy. He will do whatever I tell him to.

It all started after my husband got him as a watch dog. I was laying there playing with my pussy on the couch as he watched. I took my wet fingers and offered them to him. He started to lick my juices from my fingers as I watched his huge cock start to grow very large. I sat on the edge of the sofa and spread my thighs, opening my wet pussy wider as I fed him more of my cunt juices. He continued to lick my fingers as I pulled his head to my dripping snatch.

I felt his tongue as he started to lick my pussy. It so hot as the heat from his long tongue lapped at my slit. The more he licked me, the wetter my cunt became. I was really enjoying it as he licked every part of my wet pussy. I must have cum four or five times that first time he licked me.

The first time I tried fucking a dog was during one of our fuck sessions, I told my husband about the dog licking my pussy. He loved hearing about it as he slammed his cock to me a lot harder as I went through the story about Butch. He was hammering my pussy with his big cock as he asked, "Would you like him to fuck you too?"

Alanna's Story

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Realisation hid her like a well-aimed sledgehammer. She had been fucked by this horse, which even now was still calming down after loosing what seemed like a gallon of horse cum into her stretched cunt. Alanna felt her inner walls start to contract and adopt the usual shape of her uterus instead of the expanded accommodating tunnel that had so recently been violated by the animal.

The mounting bench that she had been placed and tied on was slick with the Animals seed. A pool of the milky white fluid had collected on the floor where it had gushed from her body and still trickled down the inside of her trembling legs.

As a sledgehammer has an after pain, she began to relive the events of the day and of the manner of her violation. The waves of thought crashed into her brain, as would the throb of pain after the initial blow from the tool.

Her mistake of taking the right fork in the road had led her to this. Trying to read a map and drive at the same time is not recommended, especially in the tight lanes of rural England. A snap decision to bear right at the junction seemed for a short while, to have been the right one.

The road was well maintained, with clipped hedges lining the steep banks that were only relieved where a gate into fields coincided. But, then the hardtop suddenly ran out and the banks that had prevented her from seeing any more than the road, also stopped. The view that greeted Alanna through the screen was of a dirt track that bent around a low hill and disappeared.

Dog Training

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I met Stan at a Christmas party given by a friend. He had seemed nice, the quiet and unassuming type. We had talked about the party, the movies we had seen recently and about chatting online, which we both seemed to enjoy. He told me he has this really close friend in Spain that he chatted with twice a week, they had been doing this for 3 years. That was a long time for an internet friendship and it told me heaps about Stan's commitment to people.

The party wound up and Stan came over to ask if I needed a lift home. I said no, but that I would need a lift to a movie the following Wednesday if he cared to join me. He smiled and said delighted. We swapped phone numbers then went our separate ways.

Stan had turned up on time and whisked me away to the latest release. After, we grabbed a coffee and discussed a critical analysis of Roger De Lune's works, the director of the movie. Stan made me laugh with his witty comments, and intrigued me with some of his comparisons. He took me home and we agreed to do this again the next week.

We had a regular date for a movie on Wednesday nights then began adding picnics, parties and dinners on other nights. It didn't take long before we were an official couple and I realised I was in love with Stan. I was overjoyed when Stan revealed his love for me and not much later we made wedding plans.

Marriage to Stan was bliss. He was a considerate lover and friend. All my wants, needs, desired were fulfilled in him. My joy would have been complete if only I had a child, but after 3 years of trying and various tests, we discovered I was infertile. This caused great grief to me, but Stan was wonderful and soon enough I had overcome this sadness and life went on pretty much as usual.

The New Job

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This is a story of a sexy gorgeous 28-year-old woman named Samantha (Sam). She is tall about 1.8meters, well built and beautiful toned body and is very athletic as she works out everyday. Her skin has a light tan and she has blonde hair styled in a bob, her eyes are deep blue and she has a six-pack that every woman would kill for. Sam lived in a small house that was in a way big enough for her and her two male Dobermans, Rex and Duke and a python named Slick.

One morning, while sipping her coffee and going through the paper looking for a job, Duke sat under the table with his head on the chair between Sam's sexy legs, she wore only a t-shirt and had no underwear on and her pussy was clean shaved. As she leaned forward to grab the pen, her pussy touched Duke's cold nose and he began to lick her sweet pussy. ‘Mmmm, aahh Duuuke you good boy, oooh I missed this,' she moaned while Duke kept on licking her making her pussy wet. Sam then moved back and spread her legs and removed her top giving Duke more space to lick her and make her cum. ‘Uh uh uh uh unnnnn mmmmm yesss aaaaahhh,' she screamed as she reached her first orgasm and then she got up and went to her bed room where Rex was sitting as Duke followed while cum ran down her thighs. Sam then got down on all four's and both her dogs knew what needed to be done, Duke stood behind her licking her butt and pussy and then he placed his front paws on her back and his cock entered her pussy and he began fucking his mistress while Rex sat in front of her that she could get her head between his legs and suck his cock,as Sam wrapped her lips around Rex's cock, he immediately placed his front paws on her back and began to hump his rear slowly into his mistress's mouth.

Horse Surprise

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Lisa was recently divorced, and at the age of twenty-five, it was all she could do to keep the farm she was left with in working order. There were so many chores to do, feeding and watering the livestock, managing the bills, almost more than she could take care of, but she was determined at things were coming together.

The morning had started out like any other. After breakfast she had went out to the barn, fed the cows and chickens, and was tending to the horses. She had been brushing them all down, and was getting ready to turn them back into the pasture when she got the urge to pee. Since she was the only one on the farm, she frequently went to the nearest corner to relieve herself, and today was no different. Lisa was just finishing peeing and was still in the bent over position rising up when all the sudden, she was knocked forward on the bales of hay. One of the small horses had wonder over and mistaking her bent over ass for a mare, the horse started trying to mount her. His hardening pole of a dick was waving around beneath him, slapping Lisa's pussy lips, trying to find the entrance. The wettness from her urine provided little lubrication, but it was enough for the massive head of the horse to find the opening of her sex, and he thrust forward, driving the first few inches of his cock into her. Lisa was screaming, what little she could with the breath that wasn't knocked out of her. The horse lunged again, send himself further into her violated pussy. It was more than Lisa had ever been use to, and since she hadn't had sex in months, she surely was use to anything, especially this size, inside her. She was crying now, her pussy straining to accomidate the invading horse cock. He lunged again, sending more of his throbbing member into her. Since it was one of the younger horses, he didn't last long and he started shooting streams of horse cum into Lisa vagina. Again and again the juices shot forth, fillinf Lisa's pussy to its limits, and the fluid started leaking around the massive cock, past her labia, and down her thighs, where it dripped to the ground and began to puddle.