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Dana was thirty when I first met her, a tall woman, 5'10" with dark red hair, cut short. She had white, white skin. I was at the party of a friend of a friend and didn't really know anyone. It was late and I had been drinking steadily, standing on the edge of the crowd just watching the people. I hadn't noticed her earlier, but our gaze met from across the room. She has these crystal clear blue eyes that can swallow you up whole. She smiled slightly and made her way through the crowd toward me. My gut tightened at her approach, I get that way in the presence of beautiful women. She moved like a cat. She wore one of those simple black dresses that fit her like a glove. It ended just below her crotch and you knew she couldn't have anything on underneath it. Her body was lean and muscled; I was to discover she ran five miles every day. Her breasts were large and bounced slightly as she moved.

She stopped in front of me and slowly looked at me from top to bottom.

"You're Mark's friend Jim. Right?" Her voice had a slight accent but I couldn't tell from where.

"Ah, yeah, ah, Mark, yeah that's right" I'm a brilliant conversationalist. I had no idea how she could know me and I didn't think Mark knew anyone that looked like this.

"I understand you're a film maker."

"Well actually I make technical films, you know for corporations. PR, training stuff, like that. I don't make movies if that's what you mean."

Dog Days of Summer

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"Come on, Sandy," Becky said. She pushed the fine strands of yellow hair from her face then stroked their pet's barrel chest. "Do it again." Both girls stared at the dog's extended penis.

The two girls, Becky, aged nineteen, and her sister, Sandy, aged eighteen. In the front room of the ramshackle farm house, the girls sat Indian-style on the cracked and faded linoleum. The skirts of their cotton dresses splayed out over the large yellow and green flowers like parachutes. The cool linoleum tingled Becky's buttocks through her worn-thin panties but did nothing to cool the simmering in her already-damp crotch. Sam, their five year old German shepherd lay on his side between them, his back legs spread, as if inviting the older girl to touch his aroused genitals again.

"Come on, Sandy, hurry up, will you," Becky said. "Ma'll be back in from milking before long, and I wanna see how long Sam's thing gets!" Then she added, "Besides, I can tell that you want to feel it some more."

"Think Billy Bob was kidding yesterday?" Sandy asked, fairly panting, her brown eyes glued to the quivering, bright red sword. "I mean about girls doing it with dogs."

"I don't know," the younger one breathed, watching her sister's hand, as it neared the dog's prick again. "I thought so, but what if he wasn't...." The large, silver and tan dog, his tongue lolling to one side, waved four inches of wet penis in the air. "Go on, Sandy, I dare you to touch it again."

Black Stud

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Summer camp is over and all the kids have gone home. The only people around the place besides me are the cook who only comes up during the day and Rick, the burly Armenia groundskeeper. Rick lives up here at camp all year, taking care of the horses and buildings during the winter months. I only come up for the summer to be a counselor and get away from the city for a while. I like the smell of the country air and scent of horse crotch on a hot day. At night in my cabin I beat off thinking about Rick cramming his dark meat up my ass while he forces a horse cock down my throat. He doesn't say much to me during the day - though he is friendly - he keeps to himself in his remote cabin. With only three days left before I head back down to the city, my fantasies about Rick grow stronger and stronger. I've thought about just walking up to his cabin some night and asking him right out if I could suck his dick, lick his balls and lap at his ass. But I'm afraid he'd slam his giant fist into my teeth instead.

Tonight I am so horny my cock is ready to shoot without even being touched. I climbed out of my bunk and walked over to the stables, barefoot and buck naked. There is a little light in the stables from the big light in the recreation field and I can see the horses standing calmly in their stalls. The smell of hay and horse shit makes my cock even harder. I enter the stall of Papa, a shiny black, beautiful stud. I start to stroke his flanks with the grooming brush to get him used to my presence. Gently I reach for his massive balls, massaging them easily. Papa gives a little snort but seems to enjoy the attention of my hands on his balls. With my other hand I reach around and stroke his hind legs near his asshole. The horse's cock begins to slide out of a long sheath. Only half-way there the cock must be 10 inches long and 6 inches around. He gushes out a stream of hot horse piss into the hay and onto my naked feet. I rinse my hands in the golden liquid and lubricate my asshole with one hand while easily stroking his cock with the other. As he finishes pissing I slip the head of his cock in my mouth to capture the last few gulps of juice. Its hard to get his enormous meat in my mouth but the pungent taste is worth every effort.

Christmas Tail (Pregnant with Puppies)

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It was a warm spring day as 59-year-old Margaret Hansen sat in her car outside the local animal shelter. Her husband, Frank, had been dead for almost a year; friends and family kept telling her that she needed company at the big rural house where she lived alone.

But it wasn't a need for companionship that brought Margaret to the shelter, it was another need. Reaching under the hem of her dress to her panties, she began rubbing her pussy through the thin material. "I thought menopause was supposed to take this away, not make me even hornier," she said to herself.

Margaret continued to stroke her pussy as her breathing became more rapid and she could feel it happening. She groaned with pleasure as her orgasm hit, soaking the crotch of her panties with her juices. Pushing down her dress, she grabbed her purse and went into the animal shelter.

"We have a few dogs that would be good in the country," the operator of the shelter said. "A couple that is moving dropped off a beautiful Great Dane this morning...has his papers and everything. It would be a shame to have to get him fixed though. If I don't get rid of him soon I'm afraid I will have to."

The dog was big and beautiful. "Can I pet him" Margaret asked, and the man let her into the cage. The Great Dane licked her hand then moved his nose to her cum-soaked crotch. "I'll take him," she said.

Margaret and her new pet, which she found out was named Hamlet, were together for two days before she got up enough nerve to do what she craved so desperately. Stripping out of her clothes, the 59-year-old woman lay crossways on her bed and began to masturbate. Her fingers were wet when she felt Hamlet's nose between her legs.

He Watched Us

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A year or so ago I was dating a guy I'll call Jack. At first Jack wasn't aware that I had an ongoing sexual partnership with my golden retriever Mike (which I've detailed in many earlier postings). I finally told him about it, and he didn't seem shook up at all - indeed, he expressed some curiosity and interest. Rather than just detail my experiences to him in words, however, I decided - with some misgivings, for I'm extremely careful about who I share my love life with - to invite him to watch us one evening. I have a special small room in my house with a mat and rubberized sheeting on the floor, and this is where Mike and I go to mate. Jack had never seen this room before - but Mike, of course, knows exactly what's up when he sees me naked there.

I'm pretty uneasy about being watched during intercourse, and I think Mike is too. I mean how many of us would want to be observed when making love with our human partners. It's a very intimate time together, a time in which we ideally cast away all inhibitions and become totally there for each other, one to one. Yet, once in awhile I find that it's rather erotic to share the experience with another person. In my case, that's most often my girlfriend Jennie, who also has a canine sex partner that she's absolutely smitten with; sometimes, though not often, we party together with our dogs (see my earlier posting "Three Dog Night"). But the guys that I invite into that room are very few and far between.