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Cloud: The Cherry Buster

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The four girls plopped down out in the hayloft. They all were naked. All were juicy between their legs. All had their faces smeared with each other's pussy cream.

"God," Patsy gasped. She sat up and looked at the three older girls.

"You girls... whewwww!" Ellen sat up, laughed.

"We got a great new member to our club, right?"

Tracy nodded, drooling as she stared hotly at Patsy's large, ripe tits, thinking about what would come next.

"Yeah," Patsy said, Mary and Ellen agreeing with her. Patsy squirmed in the hay, propped herself up on her knees. All three sets of eyes were glued to the bouncing flesh of her tits. "Now I have some questions."

"I was wondering when you'd get around to asking," Ellen said.

"You didn't tell her about you-know-who?" Tracy giggled, looked at Patsy.

"Who is you-know-who?" Patsy asked, her head spinning with questions. She looked at her new friends, the leaders of the Horse Club she now belonged to. All three girls broke into laughter and Patsy stared quizzically at them all.

"Knowing who it is doesn't mean anything unless you ask the right questions," Ellen said between fits of laughter.

"Christ," Patsy giggled. "You guys are confusing me." She took a deep breath. "Answer me without all that cryptic shit."

"Sure," Ellen said. "I'll answer whatever you ask."

"How come, if you have to be a virgin to join the Horse Club, you guys don't have cherries?" All three broke into another fit of laughter.

Watch Dog

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The first time this happened was over a year ago when I was 20. But I'll have to start back when I went away to college when I was 18 so that you will fully understand.

In the fall of 1987 I moved away from home to go to a small college about two hours away from my parents. The college was doing it's best to try and accommodate the increase in incoming freshmen and limited dorm space by making double rooms into triples. Well, I've never been much of a people person, and not knowing anyone at the college, I had my parents help me find an off campus apartment for me instead. I found a great one bedroom apartment right around the corner from campus, it was cheap, pretty big and they allowed pets. This last point was important, because my parents didn't want me to live alone, but I didn't want to have to put up with anyone but myself. So my parent bought me a dog to keep me company and protect me.

I had to laugh when they brought him over to me at the apartment the day after I moved in. They said "We'll get you a watchdog so you can take him with you when you walk around campus at night, and guard the house while you sleep." and there they stood in my doorway with a little tiny puppy only a couple of months old. He was so cute, a little fuzzball. Some watchdog.

I named him Teddy because he looked just like a little fuzzy teddy-bear and my mother assured me he'd grow up to be a BIG teddy bear. He was a mix between several breeds, OK a mutt, but a BIG mutt, you could tell by the size of his paws at that age, and by the energy this little guy had. Mother said she was too afraid to get an already grow up watchdog, for fear that it might not be very friendly, and she also said Teddy would get big fast enough.

Mated with Bruno

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His powerful forelegs clamped her heaving hips in a tight embrace pulling her to his furred underbelly and preventing her release. With each thrust of his canine hips, his cock drove deeper into her belly causing her to whimper with the pain of having this monstrous dog cock search out the neck of her womb.

The Doberman was her master now in more than just the physical sense. She had invaded his territory and offered her sex to him. The pack instinct had taken over, this was not just about procreation as far as the animal was concerned, this was about authority, this was about being alpha-male, this was about dominance.

Duke, as his human counterpart had named him, was alpha-male in the pack of three dogs that guarded the two and a half acres of prime Californian real estate. It seemed that a ten-foot high wall, instead of being prevention to entry, was a challenge laid down to any with a spirituous nature. Duke, and the two Doberman- boxer crosses were the last resort.

A silent infrared trigger set them free of their pens to seek out and subdue the trespasser. They had perfected the art of search and hold, trapping the unwary intruder until humans came to take the person away. It worked most of the time, but occasionally, the wait for their master took too long. Boredom would take over and the dogs would have their fun, often with disastrous results and a body to be disposed of.

She did it Again

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This past weekend saw the realization of two of my fantasies at the same time. Both were with a young lady who calls herself Fonda, and Fonda is a member of a group who affectionately call themselves "animal-lovers". Not the basic Humane Society variety of animal lover, not the devoted owner variety of animal lover, Fonda was truly an animal lover!

We had talked several times about her "adventures" and fantasies, each time getting to know one-another better. Several weeks ago, Fonda admitted to me that she'd been "experimenting" with her dog Lucious, a big Black Labrador Retriever. A very male, big Black Lab.

I learned that she and Lucious had been sharing in some sexual play- times, and that Fonda had even allowed him to mount her the last time, only a couple days ago, but she was leery of letting him really get inside her without someone else around.

Saturday morning brought me to her small cottage on the edge of a rural community about forty miles from where I live. As I arrived, I was greeted by a massive black creature on the cottage's stoop. Barking and growling, he waited until the lady of the house came out and "shushed" him and introduced us. Fonda and I shook hands (it seemed strange in light of some of the phone conversations we'd had) and she invited me in.

The cottage was surprisingly cozy, and her taste in decor was quaint without being too "country." She showed me around which took all of thirty seconds as there was only a single bedroom, a bath, kitchen/dinette, and a large living room/den. There was a distinct open space in the center of the living room, and I mentioned that a coffee table would go nicely there. She giggled and said that she'd moved the coffee table onto the back porch so that we would "have enough room to move around". I think I blushed, and I know I felt really, really dumb.

Dog Cum

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Well, I am sitting here thoroughly drained! I just finished cumming about 8 times.

It started out with me watching Sally giving head to Robby, and Kathy sucking off Chris. The guys were sitting watching football on TV and the girls decided that they wanted to get their attention. I had been out in the back yard feeding the dog, Thor, and walked in to see both girls sitting at the guys' feet with their cocks in their mouths. Nice sight!

I probably told you that we go around the house nude a lot and it turns out everyone was that way this Sunday morning except I had put a light robe on to go outside. I watched from the doorway as my two girlfriends brought the guys to orgasm by sucking their cocks and alternately massaging their balls. I had opened my robe and started rubbing my pussy with one hand while I caressed a nipple with the other. I decided that I would like to have a nice hard cock to suck on too, but we were one cock short! :(

After the girls had made each guy cum in their mouths, they kept sucking to keep them hard and then jumped up on their cocks to get a nice morning fuck. I thought to myself that I could probably have a little fun with Thor while they were busy and wouldn't have to worry about anyone seeing. They don't know about the dog sex as far as I know, unless they have found some of the tapes Chris has taken of me.

I slipped back out and took Thor into the garage. He could smell my rich aroma of pussy juice since I had just had three fingers up my cunt, and he was soon growing a hard on and whimpering. He was hot for his girl! We have this old recliner in the garage.